January 22, 2011
Palm Bay, Florida

Ray & Migdalia Etheridge
present the
Independent Film Festival
Palm Bay, Florida
January 22, 2011

An outstanding selection of short films, produced by filmmakers from around the world.

The festival was presented at TEICHER THEATRES in Palm Bay, at 160 Malabar Road, in the Palm Bay West Shopping Center. (Across from City Hall).
1pm   All tickets: $1.50 at the door.
Love At First Sight - 4min.- Key Largo, FL. Directed by Kurt deVries.
Dead And Breakfast - 15min. - Tallahassee.  Directed by C.E. Holcomb.
Seven Layer Dip - 4min. - California.  Directed by Sam Hargrave and Monique Ganderton.
Tea In Pittsburg - 14min - New Jersey. Directed by Stephen Ohl.
Normal Behavior - 8min - Florida.  Directed by M. Legend Brown.
Sheldon - 6min. - New York.  Directed by Andreas Frisch, Jeremy Slutskin,  Joey Mazzarino, and Matt Vogel.
Mental - 8min. - California.  Directed by Joy Gohring
Surviving Hunger - 3min. - Ca./Korea.  Directed by Balgum Song.
Drowning - 14min. - New Jersey.  Directed by Dan Sullivan.
Adam - 11min. - Canada.  Directed by Jon Pander
The Gift - 3min. - Los Angeles.  Directed by Shaun Kim

3pm  All tickets $1.50 at the door.
Moving Pictures - 8min - Ct.  Directed by Caitlin McEwan.
The Deliberate Dumbing-Down
of America - 13min. - Florida.  Directed by Neal Fox
Drift - 15min. - Tallahassee.  Directed by Nicholas Economides.
The Lighthouse - 8min. - Taiwan.  Directed by Po Chou Chi.
The Message - 1min. - DC.  Directed by Dave DiVerniero
Aerosol Rebel - 13min. - AK.  Directed by Kyle Kolding.
Far From Home - 13min. - Canada.  Directed by Émilie Lemay.
Me, Myself, and Your Husband - 9min. - NY.  Directed by Susan Hippen.
Hot Water - 10min. - New York.  Directed by Ben Chapins.

5pm  All tickets $2.00, at the door.
Salvation Park - 14min. - Canada.  Directed by Daniele Nicolini.
Special Delivery - 6min. - Tallahassee.  Directed by Laura Coconato.
Oliver's Mind - 10min. - Coral Springs.  Directed by Matthew  Rosenbaum and Jacob Friedman.Oliver Scarlett
Perry Street - 15min. - New York. Directed by Antonio Padovan.
GVP:Spread The Love - 6min. - Sweden.  Directed byBohagey Bowes. 
Swing - 4min. - California. Directed byYen-Ting Kuo
Made For Murder - 12min. - Florida.  Directed by David Melendez.
Before Breakfast - 14min. - California.  Directed by Paul Levin. 
Hungry - 8min - Palm Bay.  Directed by Kevin Shah.
A Better World - 2min. - Palm Bay.  By Migdalia S. Etheridge and Patrick Campion.

7pm  All tickets $2.00 at the door.
Toilet - 15min. - Canada.  Directed by Matt Dagley.
Jerk Boss - 11min. - St.Petersburg.  Directed by Corey W. Horton. 
PKLA: Parkour LA - 12min. - Los Angeles.  Directed by Emi.
Then She Was Gone - 7min. - Australia.  Directed by Burleigh Smith. 
Hatchethead - 12min. - California.  Directed by Mark Poisella.
Family Bondage - 13min. - New York.  Directed by Daniel McCartney.
One In The Gut - 13min. - AK.   Directed by Jackson Defa.
Thanks For The Book - 2min. - Calif.  Directed by Ryan Barton-Grimley. 
2009 Snipe Nationals - 5min. - Pensacola.  Directed by Vincent Casalaina.  

9pm  All tickets $2.00 at the door.
The Advantage of the Hitman - 8min. - Spain.  Directed by  Luis Moreno Bernardo. 
Northcote, "So Hungover" - 4min. - Australia.  Directed by Craig Melville
Still Waters Run Deep - 13min. - London.  Directed by Michael St.John Savva.
After: The Kellie Greene Story - 9min. - FL.  Directed by Lavado Stubbs.
Extraction - 11min. - Wesley Chapel, FL.  Directed by Robert Manrique.
Half Empty - 15min. - New York.  Directed by Jessica Manherz. 
Death Buy Lemonade - 2min. - Canada.  Directed by  Kyu-bum Lee.
Street Cred - 6min. - Seffner Florida.  Directed by Martin Lemaire.
Convenient Obsession - 6min. - AK.  Directed by Jessica Kelley.
Patience is...  - 6min. - UK.  Directed by  Dennis Morgan.
Mondo Claymo - 4min - New York.  Directed by Christophe Lopez-Huici. 
Burial Island- 10min. - Palm Bay.  Ray & Migdalia Etheridge

All films were shown at:
Teicher Theatres'
Palm Bay Dollar Movies
160 Malabar Road SW

Palm Bay, Florida 32908
(in the Palm Bay West shopping center)

Questions: Rayandmigdalia@aol.com